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Usability task scenarios: The beating heart of a usability test

Heart of a usability test

2 December, 2019 - Usability tests are unique. We ask people to do real tasks with the system and watch. As the person completes the task, we watch their behaviour and listen to their stream-of-consciousness narrative. But what makes a good usability task scenario?

Common traps in user needs research and how to avoid them

4 November, 2019 - Whether you call it a field visit, a contextual inquiry or a customer discovery interview, the goal of early stage research is the same: to uncover users' needs. Here are 5 mistakes I've seen crop up time and again in this kind of research.

Transitioning from academic research to UX research


7 Oct, 2019 - Doing UX research in a university is very different to doing UX research in a business setting. If you're an academic making the leap, what are the main differences you need to keep in mind?

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